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"It Will Take Four years To Measure Great Wall".

Beijing in china will launch a four year geographical survey of the great wall in april to determine its exact length , layout and current counditions.

The great wall , an ancient defence faility in china , has widely known to stretch more than 5,000 Kms.

Field research of the section built in the Ming Dynasty(1368-1644) will finish in the early half of the next year. Results of it will be announced in a few months, accourding to chin's state Administration of cultural Heritage (SACH) and state Bereau of surveying and Mapping (SBSM).

Field reaserch results of the great wall , which is on the world Heritage of the UNISCO, built in earlier periods will be announced in the following 2 years .

The survey will be conducted in 13 provinces, autonomous regions and municipality , inculiding Beijing ,Hebei ,Shanxi ,Gansu and inner mongolia ,Xinhua news agency reported ,In 220 B.C. , sectons of earlier fortifications in north china were joined together to form a united defince system against invasions from the northern nomadic tribes.

Construction continued up to the Ming Dynastry, when the great wall became the world's largest milatery structure. Local governments have been gathering stastics on the great wall since the 1980s. But sue to limited knowledge and technology , much of the grat wall is stiil in mystery.

The departments will jointly establish a database based on the result of their nsurvey to facilitate future research and protectio of the Graet Wall.

China Big Wall Map And Photos


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