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Shilpa shetty in Big Brother Big Brother How shilpa Swang it

Age: 31
Home: Mumbai, India
Job: Actress
Starsign: Gemini
Food: Manglorean , speciality southern Indian cuisine

Shilpa Shetty has won celebrity Big Brother by a wopping 62 % votes Deserving Winner ?

DiD the racism charge help? Most certainly , say some like TV anchor Malvika . "IthinkShe own because of the noise created around her indians in UK woud have voted for har anyway , but the british got influenced by the by therecism issue as well . But frankly , I fail to seesee why we are making such a big fuss about something thats happened in the UK "

But singer suchithra pillai, who knows the Shetty sisters personally, says She's happy for Shilpa " The whople recism hype helped and made people more interested in shilpa Shetty .But I dont think she won only because of thatb " She says Dancer Vany Ganapathy , too, says "It's fantastics shes won though I've never understoond
the concept of Big Brother or big Bigg Boss, as I don't know what they are trying to prove."shilpa shetty also doesn't belive that it was the racism controversy alone that helped shilpa gather votes."It couldn't have added more importance to her as a participant, but no one can deny that shilpa conducts herself in a very dignified manner."

Entertainment pro Rohit Barker says it's debatable whether shilpa shetty deserved to win."But there was certainly more tension beacause of the racial issue," he sys." Most reality TV shows thrive on controversies, but it hard to comment wheather shilpa would have made it without the controversy.Any kind of publicity is good in those circles."

Filammaker Indrajit Lankesh believes it was all a gimmick by the channel to up the TRP ratings and viewership.Selecting shilpa shetty, whose career was nose-diving was deliberate.Indians and African-Americans form a huge part of the UK's population. Their sentiments were hurt and it made shilpa win by a whopping margin.I feel shilpa shetty was the person becomes Big Brother.Here the person becomes bigger than the show.She couldn't have asked for a better deal.

So will this win change shilpa shetty's fortunes in Bollywood? " I don't know how much of a difference it would make to her acting career, "says Suchitra." If she plays her cards right, gets herself a good agent, it might be smooth sailing for her post Big Brother.Whatever the reasons for her victory, I am excited! Go India!"

Malvika is sceptical wheather a reality show victory will mean much in Bollywood with its profusion of talent." I don't know how winning an International show would help someone in mumbai," she says.Vani echoes the same feelings,saying "I don't think someone's fate in Bollywood is decided by something so external as winning the contest.It might give her some edge but you can't discount the other factors.Of course, shilpa's a wonderful dancer and artist."
Forget Bollywood, she's going places otherwise, Points out Indrajit."she's bagged an international project, she is doing paid interviews and the money is rolling in!"

Shilpa's fourtunes after Big Brother

* 30,000 pounds from the producers of the show(close to Rs 3 crore)

*Endorsement deals for clothes, jewellery and cosmetics

*Offer to anchor a cricket reality show and an awards ceremony

*Offer to feature in a Hollywood project by Fox pictures

*Book deal for her autobiography

*An exclusive interview would fetch her 1,00,000 pounds

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Shilpa shetty some Big Brothers photos

Shilpa shetty in Big Brother Shilpa shetty in Big BrotherShilpa shetty in Big Brother

Shilpa shetty in Big Brother

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